Grid Forward Chats

Episode 10, Season 3 – Strengthening Our Problem-Solving Skills with Diversity

September 13, 2022
Success for the energy sector will not come overnight but through small, meaningful steps that move the industry forward in its goal of a sustainable future. Paula Gold-Williams and Jackie Flowers joined the show to discuss the challenges facing the electric industry as it seeks to evolve with the various dynamics that are currently in motion. With more visibility to the end state and less clarity on the path to get there, they discuss why innovation is critical and how a diverse workforce is needed who can think creatively, problem solve and embrace new solutions.
Paula Gold-Williams recently retired after serving as the President and CEO of CPS Energy, and is now serving in various Board and Advisory roles including on the DOE Secretary Energy Advisory Board. Jackie Flowers is the director & CEO at Tacoma Public Utilities and Board Chair of Grid Forward.

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