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Ep 2-14 Republican Perspectives on Climate and Energy Transition: A Discussion with Conservative Climate Caucus Chair Rep. John Curtis

October 19, 2021

Congress is working on two massive legislative packages -- a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package (through the Senate) and potentially a multi-trillion dollar reconciliation spending package (drafts through House committees). Both would have significant impact for the grid and their fates seem intertwined as Congress works toward the latest imposed deadline of October 31. In this episode we talk with U.S. Congressman John Curtis of Utah, who chairs the Conservative Climate Caucus which includes 72 House members. Rep. Curtis covers the climate and energy topics important to him and a solid number of House Republicans including grid modernization capabilities, cyber security investment, nuclear fleet utilization, wildfire mitigation, grid resiliency, energy storage innovation, natural gas capacity, and much more. How can the country meet the needs of communities like Carbon County in Utah as the Biden Administration would like to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half? What breakthrough is Emery County Utah cooking up? Listen to our conversation as Congressman Curtis lays out how starting with the bipartisan infrastructure package and addressing other important areas are critical steps for the country. 

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